Close Call: Russian Jet Flies Five Feet From American Plane

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An armed Russian jet taunted a U.S. recon plane over the Baltic Sea by flying unsafely around it, coming within five feet of the aircraft.

According to U.S. officials, the Russian Su-27 was flying at an unsafe and unprofessional distance when it buzzed the U.S. Air Force RC-135. According to CBS the jet came up alongside the plane before going under the plane and coming up near the other wing.

An official told Fox News the Russian plane was flying “erratically” and was “provocative.”

This incident happened in international airspace above the Baltic Sea but was 25 miles from the Russian enclave of .

According to Fox News, the Baltic region has had 35 U.S. and Russian interaction just this month and was the site of a U.S. military training exercise, including the use of bombers and warships, leading to “heightened tensions with Russia.”

The incident also happened just a day after the Russian Defense Ministry rebuked the U.S. for shooting down a Syrian jet and threatened future U.S. planes that came in their territory.

Douglas E. Lute, a retired Army general told The New York Times, “Anytime we have multiple armed forces working in the same battle space without de-confliction, there is a dangerous risk of things spinning out of control. Tactical incidents on the ground or in the air over Syria can be misunderstood and lead to miscalculation.”

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