CNN Analysts React to Trump’s Kavanaugh Comments: He Sounded ’Disciplined’ and ‘Measured’

According to CNN’s David Chalian and Jeff Zeleny, President Donald Trump seemed way more “measured” today than normal.

Even though Trump called it “ridiculous” to consider withdrawing Brett Kavanaugh‘s nomination to the Supreme Court, he mostly showed restraint at the White House today when he addressed the sexual assault allegations against the judge. When Brooke Baldwin asked Chalian for his thoughts about this, the CNN political director said it was rather different from Trump’s typical “scorched earth” manner of speaking.

“That was not somebody who just went out and just scolded the Democrats or somehow accused this woman – who’s telling a story, about surviving a sexual assault – he didn’t do any of that,” Chalian said. “He didn’t disparage the woman in any way. This was one of the more disciplined outings I’ve seen from the president.”

Zeleny got into the conversation next, and the CNN senior White House correspondent agreed that the president is “continuing his discipline over these Supreme Court nominees.” He particularly drew attention to the difference in how Trump spoke about the accusations against Roy Moore, versus the Kavanaugh claims.

“This has been the single most disciplined area of his presidency,” Zeleny said. “I really can’t recall, at least in this instance, something where he has been as measured, I would say, and on a subject that we have seen him be not measured before.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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