CNN Digital Hits Record High In Mobile Users, Narrows Gap With Yahoo!-ABC News

CNN Digital Network remained in second place for highest trafficked news/information sites behind the Yahoo!-ABC News Network in February 2013, but narrowed the gap between the networks. In mobile, the network reached an all-time high.

Per the press release, the network had 1.8 billion page views (a 28 percent increase) compared to Yahoo!-ABC News’ 2.3 billion page views. That also put CNN ahead of organizations including NBC News, Fox News, CBS News, and USA Today.

HPMG News by 27% (1.4 billion)
NBC News Digital by 72% (1.1 billion)
Fox News Digital Network by 93% (951 million)
New York Times Digital by 184% (647 million)
USA Today Sites by 207% (598 million)
CBS News by 239% (542 million)

In mobile, CNN Digital reached 26 million users in January, maintaining its fifth year as the top mobile news outlet. Yahoo!-ABC News and Fox News came in second and third place respectively.

Yahoo!-ABC News Network by 38% (18.8 million)
Fox News Digital Network by 60% (16.2 million)
Google News by 167% (9.7 million)
NY Times Company by 254% (7.3 million)
MSNBC News by 306% (6.4 million)

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