CNN Neatly Blasts Newt Gingrich and Fox News With One Shady Chyron

Today on CNN’s At This HourJohn Berman and Kate Bolduan brought up Newt Gingrich‘s tweet about last night’s fight with Megyn Kelly, but the real newsworthy moment was provided by someone in production.

“We have some breaking Twitter news,” Berman said.

Bolduan followed up dryly with, “Prepare yourself.”

They read the tweet from Gingrich that insisted he didn’t have the anger issues Kelly accused him of having, but was just mad about rampant media bias.


As you can see above, CNN slapped the chyron, “GINGRICH, FOX NEWS EMPLOYEE, COMPLAINS OF MEDIA BIAS” onto the entire segment. Even as Kirsten Powers and Carl Higbie sparred over the definition of sexual assault and whether or not those accusing Donald Trump of it had had their claims “debunked,” the chyron remained.

CNN has been using chyrons to fact-check statements in recent months, but not necessarily to throw shade.

Fox News is often criticized by its detractors — and praised by more ideological fans — for actively promoting right-wing talking points in spite of its “fair and balanced’ tagline, so you can see the point they were trying to make this time.

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