comScore Timothy Naftali to Trump: 'Why Not Stay Silent' as 'Intelligence Community Has Information' on You

CNN Panelist to Trump: ‘Why Not Stay Silent’ as ‘Intelligence Community Has Information’ on You


During a panel discussion on President-elect Donald Trump’s adversarial relationship with the intelligence community over the issue of Russian hacking, which continued this evening with a mocking tweet from Trump, CNN presidential historian Timothy Naftali suggested Trump should be careful.

Why? Well, because the intel community likely has some dirt on the incoming POTUS.

After host Don Lemon brought up Trump’s tweet this evening where he claimed his meeting with intelligence agency heads was delayed while labeling the Russian hacking as “so-called,” Naftali said it was a “bad idea” taking them on.

“The intelligence community has information about him that I’m sure he would like not to be released,” the historian explained.

Naftali noted that there was probably no “great secret there” but it “doesn’t make sense for Donald Trump to make adversaries” in the intelligence community.

He further asked, “Why not stay silent?”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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