CNN President Jeff Zucker Defends Network’s Coverage of Mueller Probe: ‘We Are Not Investigators’


After the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s investigation, which, according to a summary by Attorney General William Barr, found President Donald Trump and his campaign did not colluded with Russia, many are questioning the media’s wall-to-wall coverage of the fiasco.

While Mueller’s investigation did not make a determination on obstruction of justice, Barr and Deputy Rod Rosenstein concluded there wasn’t enough evidence for an offense.

Defending the network’s extensive coverage of the investigation, CNN President Jeff Zucker told The New York Times his employees are not investigators and he was “entirely comfortable” with their reporting.

“We are not investigators. We are journalists, and our role is to report the facts as we know them, which is exactly what we did,” Zucker said. “A sitting president’s own Justice Department investigated his campaign for collusion with a hostile nation. That’s not enormous because the media says so. That’s enormous because it’s unprecedented.”

When the quote was shared by Brian Stelter, CNN’s chief media correspondent, it received criticism from those pointing out that CNN’s pundits relied heavily on speculation while covering the Russia probe:


9:00 A.M. ET: Stelter responded to the criticism Zucker’s quote received Tuesday morning:

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