CNN Reporter on Bill Shine’s Shocking Resignation: White House Staffers Didn’t Know What He Actually Did

Moments after the shocking resignation of White House communications director Bill Shine, CNN White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins gave some context to a move which caught many observers off guard.

According to Collins, some in the West Wing wondered what it was that Shine actually did for President Donald Trump.

“There had been criticism from people inside the White House questioning what it was that Bill Shine did, or what he had accomplished serving the president,” Collins said. “Because they did not believe that during his tenure in the White House that the communications strategy had changed all that much.”

Shine, according to Collins, spent time attending to some of the little things — namely as they related to how Trump looked on television. But that, according to her reporting, led to some criticism from within on his handling of the overall messaging operation.

Collins also suggested that Shine’s sudden absence from last week’s North Korea summit was an indicator that trouble was afoot.

“It does seem to signal something that he was scheduled to go on a pretty significant trip with the president, and then two days before, announced he was no longer going to be going on that trip. And now we find out he’s leaving the White House,” Collins said.

Watch above, via CNN.

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