CNN Will Take Over Empire State Building to Show Election Night Results

CNN announced plans for its midterm coverage today, and one aspect in particular stands out from the rest: the cable network is basically taking over the Empire State Building and throwing results of the midterm elections onto it for election night. And if you think saying CNN will “take over” the skyscraper might be exaggerating things, that is the exact phrase the network uses in its press release about the bold move.

Here’s how they plan to utilize this opportunity:

As the Senate results are projected and allocated to candidates, a vertical LED illuminated “meter” located atop the spire of the building will ascend in either red or blue—reflective of the party. Once an illuminated color—red or blue—reaches the top of the spire, that party will take control of the Senate.

So it’s kind of like counting down to the New Year, only with politics.

CNN also announced a “My CNN Magic Wall” companion app to look at midterm results the same way John King does with his giant-sized magic wall for every election.

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