CNN’s Amanpour: ‘I Feel I Have to Stand Up’ for the Press Amid Trump Attacks

amanpourCNN’s Christiane Amanpour recently warned about the state of the press under a Donald Trump administration, and she spoke with NPR’s Scott Simon in an interview today about those fears.

She said, “Never in a million years could I have imagined myself on this stage in New York really appealing for the safety and the freedom of the American press. And I base that on, obviously, Donald Trump’s rhetoric against the press, calling us dishonest, despicable and all sorts of other epithets that were hurled around.”

Amanpour believes rhetoric like that, combined with “angry partisans” reacting to it, makes the climate “very dangerous” for journalists.

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She called out Trump for claiming protesters were incited by the media and even drew this comparison:

“I have covered enough of my colleagues who have ended up, as I put it, in cages in kangaroo courts, in places like Cairo or in Moscow, on trial for being inciters or sympathizers or associates or out and out flat out terrorists. So I feel I have to stand up for my own tribe in the United States.”

She also talked about Russia and its potential link to the rise in fake news.

Listen above, via NPR.

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