CNN Anchor Wonders if McCain Vote Was Based on His Failing Health: ‘He Had Nothing to Lose’

As the world continues to make sense of John McCain’s stunning ‘no’ vote on the Republican’s “skinny” health care bill, one CNN anchor offered a somewhat outlandish theory to explain his actions.

During an otherwise sober discussion of the vote, CNN’s Ana Cabrera suggested that McCain’s health could have played a role in the vote because in her words “He had nothing to lose.”

McCain was recently diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of brain cancer — the same variant which killed Sen. Ted Kennedy and Beau Biden.

“I have to wonder if really his health diagnosis had a bigger role in his decision,” she said. “He had nothing to lose politically. It really puts something into perspective in terms of life in general.”

The discussion also featured CNN political guru David Chalian and Wall Street Journal reporter Shelby Holliday. At one point as well, Holliday also seemed to acknowledge the inevitably of McCain’s imminent absence from the chamber.

“We know that Republicans will be a man down after the August recess,” she said. “We’re not sure how long that will be.”

The ramifications of a McCainless Senate will be swift. With a 52-48 majority, Republicans can ill-afford to have any of their members out of commission and will give GOP leadership even less room to maneuver on controversial votes. On Friday President Trump tweeted his desire to do away with the Senate filibuster. The procedural rule requires 60 votes for most pieces of legislation in the chamber.

The skinny repeal vote — the closest Senate health care vote — still only garnered 49 votes and would have failed regardless of the filibuster.

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