CNN’s Brian Stelter Makes the Case That Trump Doesn’t Hate the Media, He Loves It


Yesterday, Donald Trump called a reporter a “sleaze” in the middle of a press conference, which is an event that is held in front of a group of reporters who have literally been called to the space because they are reporters. In the past, he has attempted to smear the most revered newspaper in modern history, promised to make it much easier to sue newspapers who write negative articles about him, and has repeatedly sworn he hates journalists, though, thankfully, he has said he wouldn’t ever actually kill any.

People who actually work in media don’t really believe that he hates us, though. The mogul doth protest too much, wethinks.

Seriously, look no further than CNN’s Brian Stelter, who went on New Day today and explained why, exactly, Trump not only needs, but loves the media.

He explained that the media is Trump’s “lifeline,” but Trump simply doesn’t like being questioned or held accountable.

“The best way to understand Trump,” he said, “is that he’s his own TV producer. He’s probably watching this show right now. He’s reacting to it in real time. He uses Twitter and Facebook to react. He calls up to react. And sometimes, when he likes what you say, he’ll send you a handwritten note[.]”

He followed up that appearance with a piece written for CNN Money. In it, he quoted fellow New Day panelist Bill Carter as saying Trump is an “attention junkie,” but Stelter also went further in the piece than on television.

He explained that Trump’s obsession with TV rating belies that he feeds off of media attention, but also that he has the tunnel vision of a producer and doesn’t consider anything but the number of viewers. He pointed out that Trump touts his close relationships with various television executives.

That’s not the behavior of someone who hates media. It’s the behavior of someone who loves it and, as a result, gets especially hurt when it doesn’t love him back.

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