CNN’s Camerota Grills Trump Advisor: Why Did You Suggest Dems Are Behind Jewish Community Center Threats?

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota had Anthony Scaramucci on for Wednesday’s New Day, where she pressed the Trump ally over a tweet where he seemed to suggest that Democrats might have been behind the recent wave of anti-semitic incidents across the country.

On Tuesday, both Scaramucci and President Donald Trump seemed to flirt with the idea that liberals might be orchestrating anti-Jewish incidents in order to portray Trump as an inciter of violence and prejudice. Trump condemned anti-semitic threats during his speech to Congress last night, and this morning Camerota asked Scaramucci about why he made his own allegation against Democrats.

Scaramucci said he didn’t see any controversial element to his tweet, and that he was saying that it’s unfair to presume that Trump supporters were behind anti-semitic bomb scares and vandalism. Scaramucci brought up Democrats who were caught planning protests for Trump campaign rallies, though Camerota repeatedly asked him why he tied these new incidents to Democrats.

“I’m just calling into question, like a good journalist should call into question, what the motives are of these people and who is actually doing it,” Scaramucci said. “If you’re upset about that, that’s totally fine.”

Camerota also grilled Scaramucci about why Trump hesitates to condemn racially-charged incidents, and whether CNN is “fake news” just because the network’s reporting on extremism isn’t restricted to Islamic terrorism.

Watch above, via CNN.

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