CNN’s Don Lemon To Alvin Greene: ‘Do You Have Any Mental Impairments?’

Despite the furor that surrounds his South Carolina primary win, and despite the rocky series of interviews he’s already subjected himself to, Alvin Greene continues to make the media rounds. Today’s utterly bizarre installment comes courtesy of CNN’s Don Lemon, who noted that his interview with Greene was one of the strangest of his career.

For those following the Greene story this interview will likely sound familiar: Greene slowly, awkwardly sticks to his talking points, reasserting that he is not a Republican plant, and that, though unemployed, he paid the nomination fee out of his own savings. He also continues to refuse to comment on the pornography charges against him.

Lemon’s interview differs from past ones in so far as he asks Greene to comment on claims from lawmakers in his own state that he may have some “mental impairments.” Says Greene: “I say that back to them then.” That is really what he said. Shortly thereafter, in what weirdly begins to resemble one side of a hostage negotiation, Lemon asks Greene if he “is okay right now?” “I’m fine,” says Greene, repeatedly. “Quite honestly you don’t sound okay,” responds Lemon, “and if you’re not you should let us know if you’re not okay.” “I’m okay.” Yes indeed! End of interview. One gets the sense that very shortly interviewing Alvin Greene will be some sort of badge of honor among cable hosts. Watch below.

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