CNN’s Gloria Borger: Trump Calling George Conway ‘Husband From Hell?’ Would We Say He’s Been the ‘Greatest Husband?’


President Donald Trump‘s rhetoric in his feud with George Conway is just dripping with irony — as far as one prominent commentator is concerned.

Appearing on CNN Newsroom Wednesday, Gloria Borger called out the president for his comments.

“He thinks that calling George Conway ‘Mr. Kellyanne Conway‘ is great,” Borger said to anchor Brooke Baldwin. “I think it’s a little sexist. Don’t you, Brooke? Totally sexist.”

“It’s like an insult out of the 1950s,” Baldwin said.

Then, Borger took Trump to task for one particular comment he made.

“He called George Conway the ‘husband from hell,'” Borger said. “Well…pot kettle issue here? I mean, would we say that Donald Trump has been the greatest husband to Melania Trump knowing what we know about the hush money payments to these women? I rest my case.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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