CNN’s Jake Tapper Grills Trump Supporter on Why KKK Loves Trump So Much

tapperpurdueFollowing news that the official KKK newspaper had thrown its support behind Trump, CNN’s Jake Tapper quizzed Trump supporter Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) on why exactly he thought it was that the GOP nominee is so popular with white nationalists.

“Does it bother you at all that the Republican nominee continues to attract this kind of support from vile racist bigots?” Tapper asked.

Perdue said that the KKK endorsement was one of several “last-minute… drastic attempts to move the people of America away from the real issues.”

Tapper reminded him, “It’s the Klan that put this out, not the Democrats.” He added: “Does it trouble you that Donald Trump is attracting that kind of support?”

When the former KKK leader David Duke became a vocal Trump supporter, Trump failed to swiftly denounce him, a lapse for which he was widely criticized. Duke, now a candidate for U.S. Senate, continues to praise Trump, lauding the GOP nominee as “our candidate.”

Trump’s campaign — though not Trump himself — rejected the endorsement from the Klan’s newspaper.

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