CNN’s Jake Tapper Hits Dem Sen. Murphy for Calling Gruber ‘Irrelevant’

Various controversial comments made by Obamacare “architect” Jonathan Gruber about the “lack of transparency” and “stupidity of the American voter” that he claims helped Democrats pass the law have been dominating conservative media outlets over the last week. But as CNN’s Brian Stelter put it on Thursday, the story is “barely” registering outside of that partisan bubble.

On Friday, Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) sent out a tweet that criticized “good political journalists” for giving the Gruber story credence:

As someone who did spend time this week covering Gruber’s comments, CNN’s Jake Tapper took offense to this assessment and responded:

In the world of cable news, the story has been given exponentially more coverage by right-leaning Fox News than either of the other two major networks. A search of TVEyes transcripts for this past Monday through Friday shows that CNN mentioned the name “Gruber” 16 times, MSNBC said it 17 times and Fox News referenced the man and his comments a whopping 230 times, with 73 of those coming on Friday alone.

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