CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Giuliani May Be Trying to Get Ahead of News on Contact Between Trump Team and Wikileaks

Jeffrey Toobin believes there may be a method to Rudy Giuliani‘s madness.

Giuliani told The Hill Thursday that he does not believe it is crime for a campaign to receive hacked emails — provided no one involved with the campaign did the hacking.

Appearing on The Situation Room Thursday, Toobin — CNN’s chief legal analyst — floated the possibility that President Donald Trump‘s attorney is trying to get out in front of news of “more contact between people affiliated with WikiLeaks, and people in the Trump campaign.”

“It started at, ‘We had no contact with anyone who knew anything from Russia…No collusion, no nothing.'” Toobin said of the evolving Trump legal team position. “Now it’s, ‘There was contact between people from WikiLeaks and people with the campaign, but it’s not a crime simply to know that other people were engaged in hacking.’ And that’s true as far as it goes. But you need to know a lot more facts to know if any crime took place.”

Toobin added that Giuliani ‘does seem to be preparing the groundwork for disclosures that would be — at least embarrassing for the president — if not actually illegal.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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