CNN’s John Avlon Decodes Trump’s Praise of Kim: ‘Tough’ Really Means ‘Killing a Lot of People’


The CNN New Day set was aghast.

An excerpt from Wednesday night’s Fox News interview with President Donald Trump had just been played on the broadcast. In the clip, the president praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

“He’s a tough guy,” Trump said. He later added, “He’s a very smart guy. Great negotiator.”

CNN political analyst John Avlon — like his colleagues — was truly stunned.

“It is remarkable,” Avlon said. “It is troubling. Because, I mean, tough becomes proxy for killing lots of people. And tough is one of his favorite terms of admiration.”

Avlon added that history will not judge Trump kindly for cozying up to the North Korean dictator.

“There are plenty of bad actors on the world stage,” he said. “There are few like North Korea where there are current, active gulags inside a country. Where this individual has murdered members of his family. The idea that he has a great rapport — I mean, you criticize FDR for cozying up to Stalin, doesn’t look good in the rearview mirror of history. This is not going to look much better when the full history of North Korea is resolved. We know better as a government. The president doesn’t seem to know as head of that government.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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