CNN’s Van Jones Will Host ‘The Messy Truth’ Special and Answer Audience Questions

Today, the New York Times published a piece called “How Van Jones Became a Star of the 2016 Campaign.” Mediaite published one called, “CNN’s Van Jones Calls Colleague Jeff Lord ‘Adorable Like a Fraggle’ in NYT Profile.” Obviously, political commentator is having a big day! It got even bigger with the release of this news:

Jones, who is one of the most vocal left-leaners on CNN, hasn’t made much of a secret out of how he feels about the election results this year. A month after the historic election of Donald Trump, he’ll be giving a live audience an opportunity to be just as outspoken as he is when he hosts “The Messy Truth.”

The one-hour special will probably touch on the intersectional social justice issues that are likely to arise in a Trump presidency. Trump has already offered high-ranking positions to men who are largely considered racist, anti-Semitic, and sexist and it has only been ten days. By the time the one-hour special airs on December 6, who knows what Jones and his audience will have to discuss?

As always, check Mediaite for the latest news on this special and others. We will be watching, recapping, and analyzing “The Messy Truth” as it gets told.

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