Coach Shakes Hands With Invisible Players After Opposing Team Stormed Off the Court


After the final horn sounded in Siena’s 78-68 victory over Rider on Tuesday night in Albany, NY, Rider — upset over an incident a few minutes earlier — stormed off the court and skipped the postgame handshakes.

But Siena coach Jimmy Patsos had his heart set on doing those handshakes, dammit. And so Patsos walked the handshake line as if Rider hadn’t left, and he gave imaginary embraces to players who weren’t there.

It all started with a scuffle after a Rider foul with a few minutes left. A Siena player felt the foul was too hard, and he pushed a Rider player — which started a shoving match between a few of the players. Rider coach Kevin Baggett then came down the length of the floor to verbally confront a Siena player. Patsos jumped in at that point, and the two coaches exchanged heated words.

So when the game ended, Baggett instructed his team to skip the handshake line. But Patsos was apparently intent on going through with it. So he did, in a most hilarious fashion.

“I decided not to shake hands because I didn’t want to escalate anything between the teams,” Baggett told ESPN’s Jeff Goodman. “That’s my prerogative to protect my team whether anyone else thinks it’s good sportsmanship or not.”

Patsos, for his part, dismissed the incident by saying “boys will be boys,” in a postgame interview with a reporter for Time Warner Cable Sports.

“Rider’s good, we’re good. And it’s gonna be one of those emotional battles.

“Have a nice day,” Patsos said, ditching the interview prematurely, and raising his arms in triumph to fire up the crowd.

Watch above via ESPN.

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