Colbert Defends Decision to Bring Sean Spicer to Emmys: ‘I Actually Felt a Little Bad for Him’


Stephen Colbert faced a bit of criticism when he brought out Sean Spicer, former press secretary for President Donald Trump, during last year’s Emmy Awards.

Colbert had been pretty silent on the matter until today. He appeared on Howard Stern’s radio program and discussed the decision to put Spicer on that stage, as well as noting if he had any regrets.

To start off, Colbert said that though Spicer is alleged to have often lied on behest of the president throughout his stint as press secretary, he has apologized and therefore is deserving of something resembling a second chance.

“I think Sean would say he lied for him at this point because he’s apologized for the sort of things he’s done,” Colbert said.

On that note, the late night host said he never thought it was a mistake to bring Spicer to the ceremony, saying he didn’t regret it “not for a moment.”

Colbert also took critics to task, saying that fears that the appearance would “rehabilitate” Spicer were completely misplaced.

“He was the punchline to a much longer joke which was about Donald Trump,” he said. “I actually felt a little bad for him because I was using this guy as a punchline. I had zero fear that it would rehabilitate him.”

The former Emmy host concluded by saying, “He is not rehabilitated by being the punchline of a joke.”

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