Colbert Mocks Trump’s ‘Nuclear Button’ Tweet: ‘You Should Be Bragging About The Size of Your Missile!’


Stephen Colbert had some fun at President Trump‘s expense over his “nuclear button” tweet.

Colbert began by telling his audience that tonight we’re “closer to thermonuclear than last night” when “stackable dictator” Kim Jong-un bragged about having a nuclear button on his desk during a speech he made on New Year’s Day.

“It was a terrifying threat from a desperate nation led by an unstable madman, so our president met with his national security team and did everything possible to de-escalate this potentially cataclysmic confrontation… I’m just kidding,” Colbert quipped.

The Late Show host then impersonated Trump as he read his “nuclear button” tweet out loud.

“Mr. Trump, you should be bragging about the size of your missile, okay?” Colbert reacted. “Traditionally, buttons are kind of a lady part. As in, ‘I don’t know if the president can find the button.'”

Colbert said that he didn’t “want to die this stupid” and was hoping to die from “something with more dignity” like being “struck by the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile.” He did offer a way to possibly “calm Trump down” about the “size of his button,” but it would require help from President Obama.

“President Obama, sir, you’ve given a lot for this country, but we need one more thing,” Colbert pleaded. “We need you to go on national TV and say Trump’s penis is bigger than yours. No one will believe you, but only one person has to. For the love of God, sir, what choice do we have?”

Watch the clip above, via CBS.

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