Colbert Roasts Trump For Calling Michael Cohen a ‘Rat’: That’s How ‘Innocent People Always Describe Their Accusers…’

Does Stephen Colbert think President Donald Trump has seen one too many mob movies?

The CBS Late Show host roasted Trump, on Monday night for a tweet in which he referred to his former attorney, Michael Cohen, as a “rat.”

The jabs at the president began in the show’s cold open — during which a sketch was presented depicting a mobster objecting to Trump’s use of the term.

“President Trump?” The faux gangster said. “I would deeply appreciate it if you would stop using mob terms like ‘rat.’ It just makes wise guys like me look bad.”

The fake mobster added, “Besides, you don’t see me using your words like ‘No collusion’ or ‘Witch hunt’ or ‘Smocking gun.’ So don’t use mine. Stay in your lane.”

Then, halfway through his opening monologue, the comedian himself took a jab at Trump.

“Innocent people always describe their accusers as ‘rats,'” Colbert said sarcastically.

Watch above, via CBS.

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