comScore Dan Meas Thinks Biking Leads to Evil U.N. Communities

Colorado GOP Gubernatorial Candidate: Bicycling is Part of Evil “U.N. Community” Building Plot

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Meas thinks encouraging bike riding in Denver is a bad idea. In fact, he’s attacking Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper’s efforts to promote biking on the grounds that Hickenlooper is “converting Denver into a United Nations community.” No I am not kidding (though I wish I were.)

The Denver Post reports today that Meas has a very big problem with Denver’s membership in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiative, “an international association that promotes sustainable development and has attracted the membership of more than 1,200 communities, 600 of which are in the U.S.” Despite the fact that Denver has been a member since 1992 (well before Hickenlooper took office), Meas thinks that all Hickenlooper’s talk about the health and environmental benefits of bike riding is actually a “disguise” for a more sinister plot.

These aren’t just warm, fuzzy ideas from the mayor. These are very specific strategies that are dictated to us by the U.N. program that mayors have signed on to. […]

This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms.

Okay, Mr. Meas. A few things:

1) Define “U.N. community” without resorting to paranoid Michelle Bachmann-esque talk of one-world governments and the imposition of “European socialism” on America. Then, if you don’t mind, could you walk me through the connection between initiating a privately-funded bike rental program for the city and the degradation of personal freedoms, please?

2) What exactly is so threatening about riding a bike? Just because Europeans love their bikes and Vespas doesn’t mean that by also liking bikes Americans will start pining for “European-style socialism.”

3) Just a technicality here, but Denver gets a lot of snow, which isn’t exactly conducive to biking. At best, Hickenlooper will end up with a seasonal U.N. community.

So, if you could just get back to me on that, that’d be great. Thanks.

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