Colorado Town Confused After Entire Police Force Suddenly Quits

PicMonkey Collage - ColoradoThe sudden decision of a Colorado town’s police department has left its citizens in quite the unusual predicament.

Green Mountain Falls has been without a law enforcement agency for the past 10 days ever since the 700-person town saw its police chief and three volunteer officers abruptly leave their positions. The four-man former police force has not spoken publicly on the matter, nor do the citizens know what caused the resignations, but reports suggest that it might be due to a serious dispute between the police and the town’s newly-elected mayor.

“Our marshal and three deputies quit, and that’s about all they said,” said town resident Ann Pinnell. “We’ve had our hometown marshal for many, many years, so I sure hope we get another marshal in our town.”

Jane Newberry took office as mayor last week, and she told reporters that she’s not sure exactly why police marshall Tim Bradley left his position. Newburry insisted that the insinuation that his departure was a political protest was merely a “rumor,” and that she has already talked with citizens and out-of-town law enforcement about maintaining order until she can prepare a new police force.

“In an election year, there’s always some people who choose to stay and some people who chose to go,” Newburry said. “I think that happens at every level of government.”

Watch above, via Fox 21.

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