Comedian Eric Andre Goes Too Far on Panel, Calls Host ‘Chronic Masturbator’

Samantha Schacher deserves a lot of credit for keeping it together during a panel discussion of Donald Trump‘s health.

Comedian Eric Andre was on The Young Turks’ Pop Trigger to talk about the fishy-seeming letter from Trump’s doctor. Well, theoretically he was there to talk about the letter. In practice, he talked about almost everything else imaginable.

The man is known for being completely off-the-wall and obnoxious, but teasing Schacher about masturbating during a discussion of the letter is next-level, even for him. He did it at the beginning and end of this segment.

He did jump at the opportunity to call the doctor listed on that suspicious letter, though, and reported to the eager panel that he got a busy signal.

Schacher, Andre, Hasan Piker, and Grace Baldridge were gathered there to talk about this takedown of the doctor’s note from a doctor named Jennifer Gunter, who is a Mediaite fan! Check out her piece ripping the letter apart, then check out Andre ripping the seriousness apart above. Stick around until the end to hear him drudge up some old Bill O’Reilly drama, too…

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