Concerned About The Impending Budget Crisis? This Fun Cartoon Will Confirm All Your Worries!

The budget crisis that is set to dominate the lame-duck period after November’s election is no laughing matter. The combination of the end of the Bush tax cuts, the implementation of 1.2 trillion in budget cuts from the failure of the ‘Supercommittee’ and another standoff over raising the debt ceiling looks like a perfect storm for the U.S. economy.

But it all seems less scary in cartoon form, and illustrator Steve Brodner has distilled the issue in a two minute cartoon for the Washington Examiner‘s website. Playing on the crop of recent ‘end of the world’ films, Brodner takes on Grover Norquist and his no-new taxes pledge, chides the Democrats for lackluster leadership on the deficit and predicts it will all come to a head in a climactic Hollywood ending.

Prep the popcorn and educate yourself on the impending ‘sequesteroid’ below. Per The Washington Examiner:

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