Concerned Parent Wanted Dr. Seuss Book Banned for Promoting Violence

Censoring books for violent, sexual, or otherwise inappropriate content is a fun habit of concerned parents the world over. Well, one parent managed to outdo them all with a complaint to get the Toronto Public Library to ban Hop on Pop. Why? Because it promotes violence against fathers. The library released its annual committee notes [PDF] this week, revealing that among the calls to remove Bill O’Reilly‘s Killing Kennedy for inaccuracies and Flesh House for “shocking and disturbing” content, someone actually wanted to get Hop on Pop banned for violent content.

Seriously. These are the reasons why someone wanted it banned.

  • Encourages children to use violence against their fathers
  • Remove from collection and issue an apology to fathers in the GTA and pay for damages resulting from the book

And here’s the reason why they decided not to ban it:

  • The children are actually told not to hop on pop.

Well, thank God for that.

[h/t TIME]
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