Conservative Group Slams President Obama For Not Visiting Israel During Presidency

As Mitt Romney traveled to Israel over the weekend, the conservative group Emergency Committee for Israel, co-founded by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol released an ad criticizing President Obama for not visiting Israel during his presidency. As a candidate in 2008, Barack Obama traveled to Israel for an overseas tour similar to Romney’s current one, but since being elected to office, the president has not personally traveled to Israel.

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The ad says that Obama has “traveled all over the Middle East,” but has not once been in Israel as president. It lists all of the places Obama has made foreign trips to since 2009, including South Korea, Ghana, and Norway, to underscore how glaring it is that Obama has not traveled to Israel once since being elected. The ad concludes, “Where’s Obama? Anywhere but Israel.”

In 2010, President Obama met with three dozen Jewish Democrats in Congress, and they asked the president to travel to Israel to show “his commitment to Israel publicly.”

Watch the ad below:


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