Conservative Radio Host Quits on Air, Says He’s ‘Going Galt’


It could all be a stunt to promote a new project but syndicated conservative talk show host Jason Lewis abruptly announced in the middle of his program Thursday that he was quitting.

He exited the studio, leaving a guest host scrambling to fill in.

Before declaring his resignation, Lewis delivered a three-minute anti-high taxes monologue. “We are, it seems, endlessly told to live for others,” Lewis said. “Endlessly told taxes are patriotic. We’re told to apologize for our own existence. The pursuit of happiness has been replaced by the mandate of self sacrifice. This is not freedom…

“They can now feed off one another. I quit.”

Later, Lewis followed up on Twitter: “Today I left the radio biz for something better,” read the tweet, which included the hashtag “#GoingGalt” and a link to a blog post explaining Lewis’s departure.

The blog post said Lewis will be concentrating on a new social media site he co-founded, “”:

Lewis who has long complained about the heavy hand of government is apparently living up to his word and is “Going Galt” – a phrase derived from the iconic Ayn Rand novel “Atlas Shrugged.” In the book, the “producers” or “men of the minds” – as the famed author put it – decide to go out on “strike” as a protest against those who would attack them politically.

Lewis, a long-time advocate against the high levels of taxation now says he too has had enough and will focus his efforts, and place his commentary, on a start-up business he co-founded named, suitably enough, GALT.IO. This way, says the talk host, he’ll be able to do as much work as desired, but more importantly just enough to keep the taxman at bay – and no more. is a type of alternate reality social game where members “collaborate around serious issues concerning our country, politics and government,” according to the website’s description. “Members are part of a virtual economy that uses Galtcoins to invest in causes.” It boasts 4,000 members.

“My ending may have been a bit dramatic, but it’s a suitable one, because it’s happening all over,” Lewis told the Minnesota Star-Tribune. “If people who take capital risks keep getting demonized, they will stop playing the game.”

Listen to Lewis’s on-air resignation via The Jason Lewis Show

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