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Rush Limbaugh: An Accredited Black Journalist ‘Sabotaged’ Al Sharpton’s Teleprompter

There is an immense amount of schadenfreude currently emanating from every single Conservative blog and message board in the country after Al Sharpton’s teleprompter mishap yesterday. Seriously, if the Breitbart sites or someone doesn’t start selling “Resist We Much!” t-shirts, they’re missing out on a million dollar opportunity. However, while everyone is pointing and laughing, Rush Limbaugh took a different tact. Sure, he got his laughs in (he pointed out that the MSNBC audience probably understood “every syllable”), but he also had another point to make; that this may be proof of a sabotage attempt by either a “racist teleprompter worker” or a jealous black anchor.

Limbaugh gave Sharpton the credit that when he talks as a preacher or protester, he has no problem talking. So what does this mean, according to Limbaugh?

“Well, it’s either a racist teleprompter operator or whomever is preparing the teleprompter is racist or somebody is sabotaging. Look, there are a number of black, accredited, certified journalists who are really ticked off that the Reverend Sharpton is up for this [MSNBC anchor] gig. It’s sort of like real life sports journalists who get ticked off that athletes who have never played the game, the ‘jockocracy,’ end up in the broadcast booth or the analyst’s desk.”

And we thought this was just a silly live TV blooper. But, I’ll agree, a shadowy organization of black news anchors is much more fun to think about.

Watch the clip below:

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