Controversial Hamilton Star: If You Come to See Us to Leave Politics Behind, You’re At the ‘Wrong Show’

imageedit_214_4015293773By now, you’re familiar with the Broadway-related events of the weekend. VP-elect Mike Pence went to see Hamilton and was addressed from the stage by actor Brandon Dixon. When Donald Trump called on Dixon to apologize, the actor declined. Twitter trends abounded. Everyone keeps talking about this, which is why Dixon was on The View this morning.

When Jedediah Bila asked how he has responded to critics who said that a theater where people are just trying to relax is no place for a politically-charged statement, he said, “If people are coming to see Hamilton to leave their politics behind, you came to the wrong show!”

Joy Behar pointed out that Dixon and his cast mates didn’t stop the show to address Pence. Instead, they waited until the very end of the performance to address him. In fact, they use that time after the performance to promote various causes every night.

As he did earlier in the weekend, Dixon said that he was grateful to Pence for being so receptive to his message of inclusion and kindness.

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