Corey Lewandowski Still Talks Like He’s a Part of Trump’s Orbit by Calling It ‘This Campaign’


Much ado has been made about the allegiance of Corey Lewandowski, the former Trump campaign manager who was added to the CNN lineup as a regular contributor this summer. He joined the cable net amid controversy for manhandling a female reporter at a Trump campaign event during his tenure, and it was revealed in time that he was still actively receiving a severance from his former employer as late as a few weeks ago.

Without missing a beat, Lewandowski has been the biggest defender of the Trump orbit while on air at CNN, often tasked with offering insight to the bizarre goings-on of the enigmatic campaign. On paper, there is officially a clean split between the New Hampshire native and the campaign that fired him in June. But just last month Politico reported that he was still “playing a widening role behind the scenes.”

But did he slip up this morning on air and reveal the worst kept secret at the intersection of campaign politics and cable?

During a hit on CNN’s New Day, Lewandowski sparred a bit with anchor Chris Cuomo over the contents of Clinton emails as exposed by WikiLeaks. “What about you?” countered Cuomo. “What about [Citizens United president David] Bossie? What about [Stephen] Bannon? Where are your guys’ emails? I’d love to see how I’m talked about in those,” he said presumably only half-joking.

When the conversation jumped to the fact that Trump’s pal Roger Stone has claimed to have insider knowledge about the anti-Clinton WikiLeaks dump (he tweeted back in August about John Podesta directly), Lewandowski was quick to distance Stone from the campaign… but in doing so, did he indicate that he’s still a part of it?

“Let me be clear. Roger Stone and I don’t agree on anything,” Lewandowski said Thursday. “I don’t think he — he does not represent this campaign.” He then seemed to quickly correct himself. “He does not represent the Trump campaign.”

“What Roger Stone said and what the truth are are two factually different things,” he continued. What do you think? Watch above via CNN and judge for yourself.

J.D. Durkin (@jiveDurkey) is an editorial producer and columnist at Mediaite.
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