Cornel West Arrested in D.C. On Steps Of Supreme Court

After attending the dedication of Martin Luther King’s National Memorial in D.C. on Sunday, Dr. Cornel West and a throng of protesters marched to the Supreme Court to highlight a myriad of issues: Wall Street greed, support for the Occupy protesters, and overtaxed workers. West and 18 others were arrested. Dennis Trainor, Jr., host for No Cure For That TV, marched with and interviewed West before being carted off to jail himself:

West acknowledged before he was arrested that since it was King’s memorial dedication, the day probably shouldn’t pass without somebody going to jail. He posited that King, if he were alive, would be right there with the protesters. West then, over a megaphone, pulled a brilliant move: he let the police at the scene know that they weren’t going to get kicking and screaming from the group if they had to haul them off to jail.

“I want to add a special word to my brothers and sisters in the police force, because we want to let them know that we are standing with them as working people as well.”

West and the others were led off without incident and charged with trespassing on the steps of the Supreme Court. He will appear in court at 1:00 p.m. Monday.

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