Cornel West Criticizes Obama for ‘Weak’ Remarks on Police Shootings

cornel westCornel West wasn’t particularly impressed by President Obama‘s comments on the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, especially contrasted with what the president said about Dallas.

West spoke to The Washington Post yesterday––from the DNC’s platform meeting in Orlando––said that he took particular notice of how easily Obama was able to denounce Dallas as “vicious and despicable” compared to Sterling and Castile’s deaths.

He said, “I thought it was weak. He’s always got to explain to white America how black people are feeling. Black people don’t feel as if we’re being treated unequally — it’s a fact that we’re being treated unequally.”

West has been consistently critical of President Obama concerning his public statements on racial inequality and injustice.

And he still firmly believes that:

“He has, he has, it’s just a fact,” West said. “He’s been running from the issue for too long. When he finally gets pushed into a corner, he says something eloquent and articulate. But you’ve got to be able to hit it head on.”

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