Could The Guardian Win A Pulitzer For Their NSA Coverage, The Guardian Asks?

The Guardian’s coverage of the scandal surrounding the National Security Agency’s sweeping collection of the communication data of average Americans has shaken up the political environment in the United States. Glenn Greenwald’s reporting has forced the government to acknowledge previously classified national security practices. Is this work worthy of the Pulitzer Prize for journalism? Well, The Guardian certainly seems to think so.

“Forgive me for praising The Guardian, but I cannot ignore the genuine world exclusive it has been publishing over the last couple of days about the scale of surveillance by the US secret service,” The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade writes in his post, “Could The Guardian win a Pulitzer for Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations?”

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Greenslade also lavishes praise on Greenwald’s source for the NSA documents, private security contractor Edward Snowden.

“His action was in the finest traditions of whistleblowing. He acted for the public good rather than private gain,” Greenslade observes.

The Guardian has done something that traditional mainstream outlets in the States failed to do and has therefore beaten the might of American journalism in its own backyard.

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