Coulter: McDaniel Should Stop Contesting Election, He Looks Like Sore Loser

Tea party candidate Chris McDaniel continues to contest the Mississippi runoff race that gave incumbent Senator Thad Cochran a victory over him, but one conservative pundit says it’s time for McDaniel to stop. Ann Coulter wrote a column yesterday arguing that McDaniel can’t keep contesting the results of the election, otherwise he’s going to look like a sore loser and his political career will tank.

She writes, “Even in cases of actual vote fraud, history shows that the contesting politicians get branded as sore losers and destroy their political careers. Better to be magnanimous and live to fight another day.”

Coulter points to a number of examples to prove her point, and says McDaniel’s “Sore Loser Brigade” doesn’t have a strong chance of contesting the vote. The McDaniel camp claims there are plenty of Cochran votes that can be ruled invalid, but Coulter doubts they’ll get anywhere with their claims.

She concludes that warning McDaniel’s efforts might actually have a detrimental effect on the Senate at large.

[S]ome McDaniel supporters can’t think about anything but winning this one primary. They don’t care that they’re gambling with a Republican majority in the Senate — or destroying McDaniel’s future prospects… As the nation goes up in smoke, they act as if the future of the country is nothing compared to their color war at summer camp.

You can read the full column here.

[h/t The Hill]
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