CourtTV Founder Steve Brill Chides The Daily Beast For Using Marcia Clark As An ‘Expert’

Steve Brill, founder of CourtTV and American Lawyer magazine, found it rather humorous that the Daily Beast would feature Marcia Clark — the head prosecutor in the infamous case against O.J. Simpson — as an expert analyst of the Casey Anthony trial.

True, as someone who finds herself in a place not terribly dissimilar from the prosecution in Anthony’s trial, Clark is in a unique position from which to offer insight and analysis. But it all is kind of… well, funny:

Clark’s piece — titled “Worse Than O.J.!” — opines that the “not guilty” verdict in the Anthony case is even more surprising than in Simpson’s because Anthony is not a celebrity, at least not in the traditional sense that pro athlete O.J. Simpson was. And she ties the two cases together in another way, noting that, although she must accept the jury’s verdict, “I don’t have to agree with it.”

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