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CPAC Attendees Lament Exclusion Of Christie But Still Make Fat Jokes

NowThisNews’ Sara Kenigsberg went around CPAC over the weekend with a camera and photo of New Jersey Governor Christie asking conference attendees what they thought of him and his exclusion from the event. Most people were disappointed that he was excluded and some even had had suggestions for him on how to lose weight.

CPAC received heavy criticism from all corners of the conservative world for excluding Christie on ideological grounds. Christie was ripped for his comments about the NRA by some but during CPAC he was blasted by conservative commentator Ann Coulter for his position on immigration.

Libertarian pundit Michelle Fields and conservative commentator John Hawkins expressed dismay to Kenigsberg in two different interviews. “CPAC, they’re kind of being brats and didn’t invite him and I am really upset about that,” said Fields.

Hawkins said that he would have invited him and that he likes him as the governor of New Jersey.

“Mitt Romney is here and he’s not. Donald Trump is here and he’s not. What kind of madness is this,” said radio host Tony Katz.

Former Congressman Allen West jokingly told Kenigsberg that he likes Christie but that he needs to “put the doughnut down.”

Watch clip below from NowThisNews

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