Cue Outrage: “Teabagger” Is An Oxford Word Of The Year Finalist


In a press release touting “unfriend” as the word of the year, the New Oxford American Dictionary may have unwittingly made a more controversial move than the New Oxford American Dictionary pretty much ever does.

No, it wasn’t another cutesy tech neologism: they included “teabagger” as one of their Word of the Year finalists.

According to the release, they define “teabagger” as “a person who protests President Obama’s tax policies and stimulus package, often through local demonstrations known as ‘Tea Party’ protests (in allusion to the Boston Tea Party of 1773).”

Their definition doesn’t touch upon any of the raunchier, more testicular connotations of the word, which Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper had a lot of fun with in April. Cooper can take a lot of credit for the popularization of the phrase: in response to David Gergen‘s questions about the Republican Party’s abilities to organize and articulate a message, Cooper infamously quipped, “It’s hard to talk when you’re teabagging.”‘

Lest anyone too quickly accuse the New Oxford American Dictionary crowd of insidious liberal bias, it’s worth pointing out that “Obamanation,” “Obamamessiah,” “Obamacles,” and “Obamalypse” were highlighted as notable words.

Also, “tramp stamp” made the cut. Finally.

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