‘Culture of Exploitation’: Monica Lewinsky Rips Roger Ailes and Cable News in NYT Op-Ed

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Following the death of former Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes last week, tributes were offered in print and on air both from likely, and perhaps unlikely, sources.

But in the opening paragraph of a New York Times op-ed out Monday, Monica Lewinsky said that she did not plan to have her piece serve as another Ailes obituary.

“It is, I hope, instead an obituary for the culture he purveyed — a culture that affected me profoundly and personally,” Lewinsky wrote.

Calling it a “culture of exploitation,” Lewinsky blasted the environment at Fox News and other cable news outlets — where salacious Lewinsky coverage turned out to be a ratings dream.

“Their dream was my nightmare,” Lewinsky wrote. “My character, my looks and my life were picked apart mercilessly. Truth and fiction mixed at random in the service of higher ratings.”

Lewinsky, in the piece, referenced the apology offered by then-MSNBC host Keith Olbermann — who said that his on-air comments about the Lewinsky scandal “make me ashamed, make me depressed, make me cry.” She also cited a Fox News poll as an example of the exploitation she wrote about.

“Fox asked its viewers to vote on this pressing question: Is Monica Lewinsky an ‘average girl’ or a ‘young tramp looking for thrills’?” Lewinsky wrote.

You can read her full op-ed here.

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