Cuomo’s Office Rebuts Controversy over Comments About ‘Extreme Conservatives’ in NY

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo got some heat from the right on Friday when he said that extreme conservatives have “no place in the state of New York.” The New York Post ran the headline “Gov. Cuomo to conservatives: Leave NY!” and Cuomo’s office actually issued a statement firing back at the Post and clearing up exactly what he meant.

In the statement, Cuomo’s office made it clear the governor wasn’t trying to say everyone with conservative beliefs should leave the state; he was just referring to the more “extreme” conservatives.

If you read the transcript (below), it is clear that the Governor was making the observation that an extreme right candidate cannot win statewide because this is a politically moderate state (either moderate Republican or moderate Democratic).

In the same response, the Governor went on to say “it is fine” to be anti-gun control, and anti-choice” – as he respects both positions.

The Post can allow any person they want to publish in their paper but if they are to retain any credibility they cannot be entirely reckless with facts and the truth.

You can listen to the audio of Cuomo’s comments below, via WBFO:

[h/t The Blaze]

[photo via Pat Arnow]

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