Curt Schilling: Those Accused of Terror Should Be Stripped of Rights and Executed


Former Major League Baseball pitcher and ESPN analyst Curt Schilling told his fans Sunday night that those accused of terrorism should be stripped of their habeus corpus right to challenge illegal detention without a trial, and subject to execution.

“You must, immediately, suspend immigration. You must, immediately, deploy national guard to points of entry and border crossings,” he wrote in a Facebook post that made liberal use of the caps lock key. “You must immediately stop ALL foreign nationals from entering this country via air.”


“Unless an immigrant can PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt no links with terrorism, they cannot come here. You must immediately detain ANY and ALL illegal aliens linked to terrorism or terrorists, and ANY and ALL illegal aliens who have a felony on their record. You immediately return these illegals to their ‘home country,'” he continued.

Schilling wrote that America needed “their version of the Berlin Wall” on the southern border with Mexico. “You pay for that with money and assets seized around the country in criminal arrests. Last year it was just north of 5 billion dollars. That should begin to cover the bill,” he estimated.

He added that those suspected of terrorism would be immediately stripped of their rights. “You do NOT get your ‘rights’ under the law, you become an enemy combatant. Which means ‘No alien unlawful enemy combatant subject to trial by military commission under this chapter may invoke the Geneva Conventions as a source of rights.’ The defendant does not have the right to file Habeas Corpus petitions and can receive the death penalty.”

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