D.C.-Area Cell Users Reportedly Targeted in Mass Hack


Washington Free Beacon‘s Adam Kredo revealed on Thursday that “an unusual amount of highly suspicious cellphone activity in the Washington, D.C., region is fueling concerns that a rogue entity is surveying the communications of numerous individuals, likely including U.S. government officials and foreign diplomats.”

Kredo noted that the activity on the network of a major cell phone provider “raised red flags in the Department of Homeland Security and prompted concerns that cellphones in the region are being tracked.” He continued that “it remains unclear who is behind the attacks, but the sophistication and amount of time indicates it could be a foreign nation.”

The writer outlined that “mass amounts of location data appear to have been siphoned off by a third party who may have control of entire cell phone towers in the area.” This breach was picked up by a “a program that monitors cell towers for anomalies supported by DHS and ESD America and known as ESD Overwatch.”

The public affairs office at Homeland Security acknowledged that “the ESD Overwatch program has been operating under a 90-day pilot program that began Jan. 18. Before the surveillance program was initiated the federal government did not have a method to detect intrusions of the nature seen over the past several months.”

Kredo later spotlighted that “the attack on this network is still underway, according to sources monitoring the situation.”

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