D.C. Fox Affiliate Runs Segment Pushing DNC Staffer Murder Conspiracy Theories

Washington D.C. Fox affiliate WTTG ran a Wednesday morning segment that lent credence to the conspiracy theory that Democratic staffer Seth Rich was murdered in 2016 for knowing too much.

The hosts interviewed infamous Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman, best know for his 2014 attempt to get Congress to ban gay NFL players. In January, Burkman paid for a series of billboards in the D.C. area and offered up a $100,000 reward to anyone with information on Rich’s killer.

Police believe Rich’s murder was simply a botched robbery and has nothing to do with his work at the DNC. But that didn’t keep Burkman from insisting that he had been murdered by the Russians after discovering that they had hacked the DNC. Burkman told the hosts that he had been approached by a former intelligence officer with the claim, and he found it credible.

Conspiracy theories about Rich’s death were common during the 2016 election, particularly among alt-right and Bernie supporters who pinned the blame on Hillary Clinton. Wikileaks founder Julian Assange even strongly hinted that Rich had been murdered for leaking him the DNC emails. (U.S. authorities believe Assange actually received the hacked emails from Russian intelligence.)

Watch above, via Fox 5 DC.

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