D.C. Hotels Use Photos of Wisconsin Capitol Instead of U.S. Capitol in Advertisements

According to the Washington Post, Modus Hotels had a number of D.C.-area properties displaying a photo of Wisconsin’s capitol building. In their defense, the photo is really nice, but it just isn’t the U.S. capitol, so it’s misleading.

A spokesperson responded to the news that the George Washington University Inn, Avenue Suites Georgetown and One Washington Circle Hotel all showed the wrong photo this way:

The image was a result of human error when creating this new page. … Their website company was recently moving pages around and pulled the wrong photo for government pages.

They removed the photo from their sites, but the screengrabs of Rudolf Balasko‘s photograph live on forever at WaPo. The Post also pointed out that ” Holiday Inn in Hyattsville also used the Madison photo, as did the Navy Yard Hampton Inn and Suites,” meaning the mistake wasn’t limited to Modus hotels.

[image: Chad Zuber via Shutterstock]

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