comScore Daily Show Compiles Sexist Moments From Fox News to Make ‘Audition Tape’

Daily Show Compiles Sexist Moments From Fox News to Make ‘Audition Tape’


The Daily Show put together an “audition tape” for Fox News guys like Greg GutfeldJesse Watters, and Eric Bolling, just in case they want to make a play for Bill O’Reilly‘s former 8:00 p.m slot.

See, O’Reilly was recently ousted over accusations of sexual harassment, so Trevor Noah‘s team just wanted to be sure that the applicants met the qualifications.

Watch above to see commentary to and about female reporters and guests, including suggestions that they get naked and straight-up incoherent babble when a woman appears wearing leggings and a tank top.

Take care to note that some of the women featured in the clip, including Gretchen Carlson and Andrea Tantaros, have already sued over sexual harassment they claim to have experienced. Others, like Kimberly Guilfoyle, have not sued, but are still shown in the video. In her case, she was informed in jest — with all the double entendre possible — that she was giving men in America “a raise.”

As we all know, Tucker Carlson was given the coveted time slot. He’s in the video, too. Watch above to relive the infamous interview with Lauren Duca during which he scoffed about her job requiring her to write about thigh-high boots and politics. She went on to call her column “Thigh-High Politics.”

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