Dallas Hospital Responds to Accusations of Racism in Treatment of Ebola Patient

The Dallas hospital that treated the Ebola patient who died this week has responded to allegations that socioeconomic and racial factors may have played into its decision to initially turn away the African immigrant before treating him.

“Our care team provided Mr. Duncan with the same high level of attention and care that would be given any patient, regardless of nationality or ability to pay for care,” Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital said in a statement, referring to the late Thomas Eric Duncan.

When Duncan initially sought treatment at the hospital on Sept. 25, he was sent home with antibiotics despite informing a nurse of his recent visit to West Africa. Several days later, he returned by ambulance and was treated for Ebola. He died on Wednesday.

Multiple public figures, including Rev. Jesse Jackson and Fox’s Geraldo Rivera and have suggested that because Duncan was “poor, black, and uninsured,” the hospital was “negligent” and “stereotyping” in its decision to send him home despite the information he provided.

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