‘Damn, Donald, Back At It Again’: Trevor Noah Mocks New Travel Ban

Check out this Daily Shoclip where Trevor Noah goes after Nigel Farage and Travel Ban 2.0.

Noah lashed out at Farage, calling him “the guy who looks like a Muppet who smokes.” He used that viral video of a little girl informing the Brexit ringleader that her “mommy says [he hates] foreigners” to segue right into the travel ban discussion.

“Damn, Donald, back at it again with the travel ban,” he said, throwing it back to a Vine that is definitely in the “an oldie but a goodie” category.

He said that all Trump did was clean up his first ban, sign it with ink instead of blood, and take Iraq out of the list of countries whose inhabitants are banned from America.

Watch above.

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