Darren Wilson’s Lawyers: He Has No Plans to Apologize to Brown Family

The four attorneys representing Officer Darren Wilson spoke with The Washington Post today, and admitted at one point that Wilson so far doesn’t plan to apologize directly to Michael Brown‘s family for what happened on that fateful day. Wilson spoke out to ABC News yesterday about his confrontation with Brown and said he wouldn’t have done anything differently.

And if you were wondering if Wilson was going to meet with Brown’s family in private and say a few words or apologize to them, his lawyers tell The Washington Post he “has no plans to specifically apologize to Brown’s family.”

And here’s why:

“Even if he gave the most heartfelt apology, they’d still not like it,” [James] Towey said.

“Taking a life is a horrible thing to have to do,” [Neil] Bruntrager said. “And yet, the key phrase is, ‘to have to do.’ Because that is what he thinks. Is that going to make the Browns feel any less grief?”

And it’s likely the Brown family doesn’t want to meet privately with Wilson either. When Brown’s parents appeared on CBS this morning, his mother asked, “How could your conscience be clear after killing someone, even if it was an accidental death?”

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